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July 29, 2009



Sweet Liberty. This post made me want to get in my car and drive up to stick my nose in Charmer's scruff. Give Liberty a kiss from us.


oh, my, Lynne, what a beautiful post and a wonderful tribute to your lovely Liberty. She is lucky to have you for a Mommy.

JoAnn (and Charmer too)

Nancy Martin

Charmer's grandmother sent me this link and I was crying before I got to the first line. Everything you said reminded me of my beloved border collie Sarah and how it was when her legs began to go until that day I tried to help her get up and she just looked at me and barked. She was not a barker. I knew then she couldn't do it any longer.

You wrote so beautifully about Li ber ty. Enjoy every waking minute with her.


So glad to see you here again. What a wonderful post.


So glad to read about Liberty again. she is such a sweetheart. Your story brought me to tears. Seeing my own Quebee, 6 years old now, but she is everything I every wanted in a dog. She's my golden dream. The same pink nose as Liberty. The same beautiful brown eyes. Thanks for sharing this Lynn, Liberty is wonderful, big hugs to her, but also to Elly and your new trooper :)


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