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December 12, 2010



This is a great list of things to eliminate. It's eerily similar to my own, and there were a few I didn't think of, but could have added.

I particularly love that you want to eliminate holding back. To see your own potential through. That's empowering and I wish you the best with it.


Love the idea of saying no to the freebies!


Ohmygosh, were we separated at birth?!

Awesome list, and like Karen, I especially love that you want to eliminate holding back. Hear hear, woman!


Beth - this is too funny. I just posted a comment on your blog that basically said the same "separated at birth" thing! The similarities are staggering, to say the least!

Here's to a clean, clear New Year... filled with lots of new experiences, laughter, and love... for all of us.

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